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 Character Developing

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PostSubject: Character Developing   Character Developing I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 14, 2011 5:09 am

Hi friends, have some good news! cheers

As announced in I am currently working on the characters (NPC) implementation into the source engine.
This development step, so called "milestone 4", yesterday went a big leap forward:

The modelling, rig and some basic facial expressions on the mouth of the character has been done.
Some texture-uv errors are still there, but the refinement seems much more easier than to build that rig.

The main character does not follow the structure of the common valve biped rig offered in the mod tool.
(no Legs!) That's why i had to develop and build up the rig from scratch in XSI in the way, the source engine like rigs.
That's done so far.

I intend to write a tutorial in the future about the things i learned about rig building
and custom flex animations (when i find the time and finnished this milestone in a proper way) Rolling Eyes

Thank you for your patience!
Stay tuned for next news on with pictures and animations of the main character
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Character Developing
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