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 News: Article on moddb about the "Robot's World" FYI

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News: Article on moddb about the "Robot's World" FYI Empty
PostSubject: News: Article on moddb about the "Robot's World" FYI   News: Article on moddb about the "Robot's World" FYI I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 17, 2010 4:59 am

Hi friends! Very Happy

The last two month we started up the level design
of the chapter U17, the refinement of some props and vehicles.
Thank you for your recent comments!

Last but not least, something new you will find under

I was busy on the development of the "Caligary Style" mentioned in the
mod's concept. This is the working name for the architecture
the robots build up later until 2525 after the big war and leads to the foundation
of "Megapolis". This style with steep angles and strange materials were
inspired by the artwork of the film “Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari” from 1919/20
of Robert Wiene and Lotte Eisner. Another famous artist was an inspirator
of this world: Jean Tinguely, who mostly worked in Switzerland and is one of the
most important sculptureres of the 20th Century.

What you see now under images are two "design-maps" where I developed this new style.
I started with the blueish light and ended up with the
warm ochre atmosphere. This maps won't appear 1:1 in the mod, they should give a feeling
about the look.
Feel free to post your comments about this style.

What will be next?
Of course, the robot characters!
The creation of the robots will fill up my time in the next
months, so now we step to milestone 4.


Have a look here on the temporary startscreen

News: Article on moddb about the "Robot's World" FYI Startscreen_NewsPreview
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News: Article on moddb about the "Robot's World" FYI
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