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 Working on Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Working on Chapter 1   Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:03 pm

HI friends,

have a short life sign here Exclamation

Actually I am working on the first chapter of the mod.
Some days ago I finished the first riddle, implemented the
Easy Rider character, who will help the player and serve him
with information needed for solving the riddles.

I had to learn, that this is as time consuming like building that riddles.
Sound recording, adding phonemes in face poser, creation of special
animations scripted sequences, choreo files were the battle fields of the
last weeks.

Ok, enough for today, I will keep on modding.
Stay tuned! Thank you for your patience Wink

BTW, I still need a coder for the HUD. And for the NPCs.

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Working on Chapter 1
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